We reached out to Sehint Productions, because we needed high calibre production values to recreate animation of a much loved PIXAR character. The Animation helped us set the scene for a massive 6 month long campaign that reached over 26 million consumers. Great work.

John Mason, Director, Jollywise media Ltd

Project:  Rex ‘Marbelous’

‘After a highly successful initial campaign in the Midlands and the North, we wantanycar.com have just gone national on ITV. Their success I believe, in no small part is due to the excellent animations from Sehint Productions for both their campaigns. Great design, sparkling pictures and a highly professional approach.’

Phil Brice, Managing Director, Koala Ltd

Project:  wewantanycar.com

Sehint Productions were recruited to help out because of their excellent track record, attention to detail and all-round technical ability. The ‘Ecoboost’ animation that they professionally realised from our storyboards, required a great deal of technical know-how and processor power. High resolution models of the vehicles and engines were provided by Ford and a working engine was painstakingly rigged by Sehint, to show animated cross-sections of the inner mechanical dynamics.

‘Ecoboost’ is regularly used as a showcase animation, and has been widely received to great acclaim, along with the other animations and functions of the app and proving popular among Ford employees. These pioneering tools are changing the way that Ford can train their staff, but also offer a great new means by which often complex technologies can be explained to ford customers.

Dan Evans, Managing Director, Tilt

Project:  Ford ‘Ecoboost’ Engine

”We really enjoyed working with Jaspal. He understood the message we were aiming to share from the outset, and devoted a lot of time and energy to making the film work well. He had very creative ideas and it was a joy to see the script come to life. There are some very powerful, potentially upsetting messages in the film but he manages to make them accessible and palatable without watering them down.”

Kim Fuller, Lead worker

Project:  Walsall Mommas

” It was vital that we visually described categories and the resource was accesible. In involving the end user in its creation, it was a very important part of the initiative we honoured their concepts. Jaspal was fantastic in achieving this, and kept true to their ideas, without compromising quality.

Lisa Shephard,Community Wellbeing Arts Manager

Project:  Well Active